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Buying or selling a home? How to keep your pets safe. 🐕‍🦺🐈

If you're selling, don't plan to leave your pet loose because your precious pet could be out the door in a flash. Also a loose pet could easily make buyers uncomfortable and unable to focus on your home. 🏡

Don't lock pets in a room and post a "keep out" sign. That will harm your chances of selling if the buyers can't see the entire house - and the sign might not be obeyed. ❎

Cats can be put in a carry crate, as can some dogs. (unless they'll bark the entire time buyers are in the house!) Some dogs will be happy in an outdoor kennel, while some need to go with you when you leave for the showing. If you're gone all day and the house will be shown, consider a doggie/kitty day care. 🧐

Liability is another issue…

Don't assume your dogs will be friendly to visitors. Even if they "love everyone," their personalities could change dramatically if someone they don't know comes into the house when you're not there. They might decide that it's their job to rid the house of intruders. You don't need a lawsuit, so don't tempt fate. 📄

What if you're buying?

If you live in the same area where you're searching, there's no problem. Your pets can stay where they stay when you're at work. 🏡

If you've come from another area and your pets are with you, it's another story. Leaving them in the car in the RGV even with the AC running is not wise. ❎🚗

A better choice is to leave your pets in day care for the day while you search for a home. They'll be more comfortable and you won't be constantly worried about them.

We've heard of some buyers who bring their dogs or cats along while touring homes – this is mostly a NO NO! ❎

While most agents will advise sellers to contain their pets either or take them out of the house, not all sellers follow that advice. You could walk in with Fluffy in your arms, only to find a large dog jealously guarding his or her territory. Disaster could ensue.

We've also heard of buyers letting their dogs follow them around – and the dogs having "accidents" on the carpeting. Even the most well-trained dog can have an "oops" if there are already pet odors in the house. Neither you nor your agent needs to pay for someone else's carpet cleaning, so just don't bring your pets inside until you own the house. 😬

If you're coming to the RGV house-hunting with pets in tow, call me. I'll be glad to give you a list of reliable pet day care facilities. 👍

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